FP Markets Review 2022 – Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform

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FP Markets Review 2022 – Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform

There are multiple factors involved in the success of trading financial instruments, such as forex pairs, CFDs, commodities, and indices. The outcome of a trade-in in such markets is quite unpredictable. The certainty of high trading profitability requires the assistance of a market specialist. These specialists are brokers or brokerage services who provide the needful help to traders in the forex and CFD markets. For trading multiple assets, however, the broker must be reliable, experienced, and advanced.To get more news about Markets.com Pros and Cons, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
Fitting these criteria is FP Markets, one of the world’s best online brokers for forex and CFD traders. In 2021, FP Markets is guiding millions of traders around the world and improving its capabilities to help them make more money. In this FP Markets Review, every aspect of FP Markets has been explored to understand how the broker stays best in its services and why people continue to trust its services. This FP Markets review reveals the key advantages of investing with FP Markets. It also reveals the drawbacks that this broker may bring to the clients. It also provides information on the regulatory status of this broker, which depicts its safety in the market. In this FP Markets review 2022, all key concerns of traders have been addressed, ensuring that there is no biased assessment of the broker. The review of FP Markets places a clear picture of how FP Markets plays a role in the activities and forex and CFD traders.

What is FP Markets?
First Prudential Markets is an online financial service provider in the domain of trading and multi-asset brokering. It is popularly known as “FP Markets” or “FPMarkets” in the global trading community. By providing financial trading platforms and multi-asset broker services, FP Markets has gained its reputation over the years. Founded in 2005, the broker is registered under the company title, First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd. Different entities work under the FPMarkets brand to offer a unique trading experience. Multiple financial instruments can be traded with these entities. Some FP Markets services are limited by regulatory restrictions, but the overall experience is good. FP Markets broker offers trading instruments based on the country of residency of its client.

A wide range of assets is available for trading. Out of the 100+ instruments available for trading, forex currency pairs are the primary assets traded with FP Markets. The broker offers its services for the trading of more than 60 forex currency pairs.

The FP Markets review also identifies that there is a risk involved with FP Markets. Based on the market conditions, traders’ losses may exceed their deposits, and FP Markets does not protect their investments in such cases. However, FPMarkets aims to mitigate this risk by improving the trading efficiency through the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) forex trading platform. There is an FP Markets mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This native app works quicker and helps clients in getting notified of market risks immediately. These mobile apps also ease the process of monitoring markets and executing trades through their mobile trading features.
FP Markets Trading Accounts
The process of opening a new account on FP Markets FX’s online trading platform is quite easy. The steps take place on the official website of the company, and the process is fully digital for quick account openings. The average time taken for opening a new FP Markets trading account is 15 minutes. Due to the online KYC and verification process, new accounts get approved within 24 hours from the registration.

To register a new account, traders must go to the website and open the FP Markets login page.

In the FPMarkets login tab, there is a section for opening a new account.
In this section, the account holder’s name, email address, phone number, and the resident country needs to be added.
In the next part, additional information on the trader, particularly the date of birth, profession, and residential address, is provided.
Now, the trader needs to select the account type, the base currency, and the trading platforms,
The final step is answering a brief questionnaire to help the broker understand the trader’s knowledge and proficiency in trading different financial assets.
The commissions & fees charged to the traders depend on the FP Markets FX broker entity and the trading account type. Traders can choose from the following account types.

Raw ECN account: The FP Markets Raw ECN account offers competitive spreads. The spreads average at 0.64 pips as of June 2020. On the other hand, the commission per trade of this account is quite affordable. This account is the preferred type among the broker’s clients. The Raw ECN account is suitable for forex trading.
Standard Account: This account is quite basic in its nature and functioning. It is not ideal for experienced traders. It is an alternative to the complex Raw ECN account and is primarily used by beginners. The spreads on this account are significantly high, with 1.15 pips average for the EUR/USD as of June 2020.
Iress Investor Account: For traders in Australia, this account offers a low-cost trading experience. It helps FP Markets traders with access to the Iress Investor trading platform. The monthly broker fees for this account are waived. Streaming data is disabled by default, and there are limitations to the charting package.
Iress ViewPoint Accounts: Exclusively for Australian traders, the FP Markets Iress ViewPoint account offers three trading options. The Standard option charges a minimum deposit of $1,000. The Platinum option can be enabled with a $25,000 minimum deposit. For the Premier option, traders require a minimum deposit of $50,000. The Premier account also waives the fees on platform usage and data usage. In addition to providing access to the Iress ViewPoint platform, this account also offers low financing rates for overnight positions at a 0.08% commission rate and no charges on minimum commissions.

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