Shower Panel Set , Rainfall Shower

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asked Aug 19, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_8aBcJeWh (340 points)
Product Feature

Surface: Mirror surface,  Rose Gold color. this shower panel makes the whole bathroom atmosphere more romantic and warm.

Waterfall Nozzle : Suitable for surfing all over the body, the waterfall nozzle has a large water flow area, which makes you feel under the natural waterfall.

Four pieces adjustable back massage: The massage nozzle can be adjusted according to the actual needs to massage the back at a more suitable angle. The nozzle has three working modes, acupuncture massage, atomization and acupuncture atomization, which are suitable for the needs of different ages and different skin states.

Pressurized top spray:A dome headshower with high pressure, dense water flow can soothe the skin of the head and shoulders, and relax the whole body like walking in the rain.

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