As Rocket League approaches its fifth birthday

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As Rocket League approaches its fifth birthday, its list of DLC packs has grown toBuy Rocket League Items  encompass DC superhero subject matters and touches of '80s nostalgia. Now, the builders have announced that the three oldest DLC packs, at first launched in 2015, might be blanketed with the bottom sport totally free.

The content from the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars and Chaos Run DLC packs will be dispensed to all Rocket League players on all platforms later this yr, which means everyone can have access to the Dominus, Takumi, Scarab, Zippy, Ripper and Grog cars as well as decals, paint finishes and wheels.

As the content material will quickly be to be had for no charge, the three packs are now not on sale and the Rocket League Game of the Year Edition that includes the DLC will also be removed from stores. Players who bought one of the packs currently might not pass over out even though, as they'll get money back if they made their purchase after October 1st this 12 months.

Developers Psyonix say the exact date at which the content material is to be made to be had could be announced quickly, and inside the period in-between it Cheap Rocket League Items has shared details of its Competitive Season 12 rewards inclusive of a unique animated decal for each rank.

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