Top Best Digital Smart Locks in Malaysia 2022

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Top Best Digital Smart Locks in Malaysia 2022

If you are constantly worried about the state of your house when you leave for work or if you live alone, you might want to consider switching your locks to a digital one. A digital smart lock is an intelligent device that uses a mechanical or electronic locking system that locks your house safely and grants access to your home without needing a physical key. Digital smart locks can be accessed using the homeowner’s smartphone, a key fob, a fingerprint scanner or even by punching in a password. To get more news about electronic safe lock, you can visit official website.

Many homeowners are switching their lock system to a digital one as it increases security and makes it more convenient to enter the house without fumbling through a bunch of keys. Gone are the days when individuals would need to make a spare key and hide it around the house in case you misplaced their traditional key. If you are thinking of changing your locking system, here are the top 18 best digital smart locks available in Malaysia.It can vary from brand to brand as different tech companies use distinct materials to create their unique digital smart lock. Usually, a digital smart lock can last up to 5 years if it is regularly maintained and not damaged.
There are a few things that you should look into before choosing a digital smart lock so that you can limit your options and not be overwhelmed with picking the right digital smart lock for your home. A few features to consider include the locking quality, your gate or door suitability and preferred access systems.

The Zeox Smart Home Digital Lock Set is a popular digital smart lock. There are five different ways to unlock this digital smart lock: fingerprint, password, smart card, and key. Aside from that, it has 50 card slots, 50 password slots, and 100 fingerprint slots.

The Moes Tuya WiFi Smart Lock Door Fingerprint Lock can be unlocked using six distinct ways: fingerprint, mobile app, password, identification card, key and NFC so that you can choose according to your convenience. The digital smart lock uses the Smart Life app to send temporary passwords with an expiration time, check the alarm system and view real-time records for added security.

The Italuxe? Smart Door Lock G30 comes with six unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, IC Card, temporary password, app and key, which makes it convenient for you to open your doors without any fuss. This digital smart lock can protect your house effectively because the G30 uses a five latch system that is made of stainless steel mortise, which makes it anti-prying with auto-lock features.

The Italuxe? Smart Door Lock G30 can efficiently be connected to a mobile app for convenience and has real-time monitoring so that you can check the lock’s status anytime, anywhere. The fingerprint system can store up to 50 fingerprints, while the password system can hold up to 100 passwords. In addition, this lock is also equipped to be a built-in doorbell and functions using four pieces of AA batteries. This digital smart lock can last up to about one year.FoxGard Fingerprint Smart Door Lock is suitable for all areas of your house that you want to lock securely, such as your garage door, bedroom door, home office entrance, hotel door and many more. There are three ways to unlock the digital smart lock: mechanical lock, keyboard lock and fingerprint lock to ensure your safety and provide convenience. The fingerprint lock has a recognition rate of 98%, and it takes 0.5 seconds to open the door, making it faster than a traditional key. An emergency micro USB is used to access the digital smart lock in case the battery runs out.

PHILIPS Easykey ALPHA Smart Digital Lock is built with an ergonomic design that makes it pleasurable to push the door open when it is unlocked. This digital smart lock has a durable and smooth surface with an IML finishing for a sophisticated outlook. The digital smart lock has a dual verification and Bluetooth system, a fake PIN code function to prevent password disclosure and a hidden C-grade lock cylinder which increases the security and safety of your home.

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