Items to make better armor

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Entrana regulations don't OSRS gold allow you to carry weapons or armour, but instead, you are allowed to take one of the following options:


Quality Food

Logs and a knife

Items to make better armor, like thread, a dragonhide, require or leather

God books


A few clothing options, such as Full Graceful and H.A.M Robes


Runes (for combat and teleporting)

Journey through Port Sarim. You will find a bank deposit box, as well as monks of Entrana located on the north east dock. Take the boat to Entrana after storing your blade in the bank's deposit box. Go the east through the temple after getting off the boat. After that, head to the north, crossing the bridge, and then west. Next to a dungeon entrance you will find a monk. The dungeon can be entered by climbing down.

Be aware that your prayer will be reduced to just a fraction of 0 once you enter the dungeon. It's highly recommended that you bring at most one prayer drink if you're not safespotting.

Once you've entered the dungeon, you must kill 25 zombies and wait until one drops an axe in bronze. The area next to the wall to the west is ideal to ensure you are spotting them. Another spot is these by the small mushroom group in the southern part of the area that is zombie-friendly. Zombies can be killer by making use of this Crumble Undead spell However, make use of mathematics and keep runes in reserve for at least 20-30 castings at the Tree Spirit later. Finished fighting with the zombies? Excellent. Now venture around the cave until you see a small cave off to the south. You will also see some more powerful demons. Avoid using the magical door to the east, since it'll lead you to the level 32 Wilderness. In the cave, cut the Dramen Tree found inside with an blade.

A safe place for ranging or casting spells upon you Tree Spirit.

Be prepared for a level 101 tree spirit, as it'll come out of seemingly out of thin air. If you are able to run all towards the north and then go behind the mushrooms to the south, you can easily detect this fight. If your armour level is at least 25. Bring more than 200 arrows for range. Materials will be needed to craft your own armour and fletch with your bow. Tree spirit absorbs the majority of melee attacks , and it hits brutally, which is why melee is not advised. You can make a smart move and visit an online rune store near Port Sarim to buy runes, put yourself in the fungi's shadow to on the southern side of the tree, and apply magic. Crumble Undead should be considered highly suggested, since it is extremely effective Buy RuneScape gold against these types of creatures. Even at the beginning level Tree spirit can be destroyed in just 10 castings.


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