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"Go to the house to lie down I'm not so stupid" Ye Li drove him away and then deliberately slowed down the process of cutting vegetables That night besides cooking soup she also cooked two dishes and Aunt Zhao also cooked several dishes She always knew that Qin Lang's mouth was very open but she didn't expect that he could tell the difference between her and Aunt Zhao in the taste of the dishes at once and then asked Aunt Zhao to put Ye Li's dishes in front of him and eat them Ceramic Bobbin all alone That day Aunt Zhao was quite upset and said look at this situation she can go back to the big house anyway old people are useless Of course Aunt Zhao did not leave At the beginning of March Qin Lang recovered as before after 100 days of national treasure care Wait until he was energetic and began to pester the leaf from the time leaf from his own only after the discovery of the month has not been reported for a long time although some nervous but also thought that he was in the tsunami when the shock and just started she took two courses this semester one course is a required course for sophomores the other is a required course for juniors I'm so busy every day that I don't have time to check Finally she was rushed to the school hospital by an ambulance She was giving a lecture that day Suddenly she was spinning When people reacted her body was already soft on the ground

The students in the classroom screamed Someone immediately called 120 Someone went to the classroom office to inform other teachers Li Li turned out Qin Lang's phone number in her cell phone According to Li Li's later description in less than half an hour Qin Lang was taken to the hospital by the driver When he walked into the emergency room his face was ten times more ugly than Ye Li who had just fainted and woke up What did the doctor say Among Ye Li's colleagues Qin Lang had seen Li Li the most times After looking at Ye Li he motioned Li Li to come out The results haven't come out yet but uh congratulations Li Li was serious and said that she couldn't help laughing later but Qin Lang's face was very bad She laughed a few times and dared not laugh any more Her heart suddenly jumped The man looked so good He looked so gentle when he looked How could he look so scary with a straight face She didn't know how Ye Li could endure it She could only say "The doctor said preliminary diagnosis" Ye Li is pregnant a little overtired so he fainted but the child's condition is still very good through B-mode ultrasound you don't have to worry "She's pregnant" Qin Lang showed a particularly surprised completely unexpected look not like unhappy is a bit at a loss standing in place Li Li can't figure out what happened to Qin Lang She can only say honestly "You don't even know When you did B-mode ultrasound just now the doctor said that the fetus was at least ten weeks old God how can you have such parents" Of course her feelings Qin Lang did not hear Ceramic ferrule for stud welding he has turned and ran into the emergency room The results of the examination came out one after another in the afternoon Ye Li was nearly ten weeks pregnant Although she was not aware of it in the early stage it did not affect the state of the fetus at all The child was actually very good and developed normally Throughout the afternoon Li Li has been busy before and after several times in and out of Ye Li's temporary ward have seen Qin Lang holding Ye Li's hand two people repeatedly look at the fetal photos taken by the doctor with color Doppler ultrasound just after the examination That little piece of paper in Li Li's words which could not be seen without special instructions was held by Qin Lang like a treasure and was reluctant to put it down It really made her feel speechless She could only say that it was parents-to-be syndrome The child was born in September a little premature before Ye Li and Qin Lang did not go to specifically check the sex of the child because the child is particularly quiet Ye Li guessed that it should be a girl so prepared a lot of girls to wear red pink bright yellow skirts small quilts and small mattresses are also chosen Qin Lang also found someone to paint the baby's room at home in light pink and bought a very beautiful cradle with a lot of lace One day after everything was ready Ye Li took a walk in the garden downstairs and suddenly felt his waist was sore Qin Lang had basically moved the company home these days He was reading a plan on the terrace when he saw her beating her waist

Then he said that he had read in the book that his waist was sore and he was going to give birth He drove Ye Li to the hospital On the way to the hospital Ye Li still felt that Qin Lang was making a fuss but as soon as she entered the ward the amniotic fluid suddenly broke This is a private aristocratic obstetrics and gynecology hospital which is one of the properties of the Qin family It is said that more than ten years ago the Qin family set up a special hospital for the next generation but the next generation has been delayed The ward of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital was able to deliver the baby directly so the doctor prepared everything in the shortest time After Qin Lang changed his sterile clothes he held Ye Li's hand beside him Labor pains are very hard to endure Ye Li remembered that a book said that it was very much like a bad stomach Well she felt that this metaphor was not appropriate It was not like a bad stomach It was very similar to the pain of a special day every month For a while it made people want to reach out and rub it Sweat rolling down the side of the nurse from time to time to help her wipe do not know why Qin Lang seems to be ceramic bobbin heater more uncomfortable than her unexpectedly is also sweating several times Ye Li felt that because there is no air conditioning in the ward September is also very hot she wanted Qin Lang to go out to breathe the result of a mouth Qin Lang asked her to concentrate save strength to give birth to a child The labor pains lasted for several hours before a little baby broke away from the mother's body was slapped on the buttocks by the doctor and began to cry loudly and vigorously Boys and girls Ye Li remembered something important when he was about to fall asleep after losing his strength Congratulations it's a boy It weighs 32 kilograms and all the indicators are good Qin Lang did not have time to look at the child only took gauze to help her wipe sweat or the doctor heard holding the clean child to put on Ye Li's pillow "look very beautiful young man" Is it beautiful Ye Li looked at Qin Lang both of them felt that the doctor's words were not right this small red wrinkled eyes did not open the "little old man" looking neither like father nor mother where to see the beauty

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