Kinkakuji Temple

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My mother and benefactors watched as I finally said goodbye jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers to my dead father's body However my stubborn heart does not accept the analogy of the world of the living implied by this sentence I did not bid farewell to the body but only looked at the remains of my father The remains can only be seen by people I was just watching To look is to act without any consciousness; to look is to prove the right of the living or it may be an expression of cruelty For me this is a new experience A teenager who neither sang loudly nor shouted and ran around learned to confirm his life I was a very self-abased person but at this time I was able to ask the benefactors with a clear face without tears without shame The temple is located on a cliff on the seashore The summer clouds rolling over the sea of Japan are behind hot tub spa manufacturers the guests who are paying their respects The chanting of the funeral began and I joined in The main hall was dark The canopies hanging on the pillars the mantles hanging on the beams of the hall as well as the incense burners and vases all looked brilliant in the flickering light From time to time the sea breeze swept in and raised the hem of my monk's robe I constantly feel the intense light and summer clouds pouring into the corners of my eyes The strong outdoor light was constantly shining on the side of my face That glorious insult The funeral procession walked another one or two hundred meters to the crematorium when it suddenly rained Fortunately when we came to the door of a kind benefactor the Miraculous Pivot could also take shelter from the rain The rain had not yet stopped and the funeral procession had to move forward so they had to prepare rain gear for everyone cover the Lingshu with oil paper and transport it to the crematorium The crematorium is on a small stone beach at the end of a prominent promontory in the southeast of the village So the ash from the burning will not blow towards the village Probably for this reason it has been used as a crematorium since ancient times The waves of the seashore are surging

When the waves churned and splashed outdoor spa manufacturers the raindrops kept plunging into the restless sea The rain without light just calmly pierces the extraordinary sea But the sea breeze suddenly blew the rain on the desolate rock wall The white rock wall was blackened and seemed to be sprayed with a layer of ink Get out of the tunnel and arrive at the crematorium The workers are preparing for the cremation We took shelter from the rain in the tunnel Didn't see any sea view Just waves wet black rocks and rain The oiled Miraculous Pivot showed its bright wood color and was beaten by the rain The fire is lit This ration of oil was specially prepared for the death of the abbot and it was enough so the flame instead made a whiplash sound against the rain and it became louder and louder In the thick smoke the flame of the day showed a transparent posture clearly visible Smoke billowed and gradually blew to the other side of the cliff and in an instant only the flames rose in a beautiful shape in the rain Suddenly there was a terrible noise of things exploding The hinge cover jumped up I looked at my mother beside me Mother stood there Chinese spa manufacturer holding the rosary in her hands Her face was stiff and her body seemed to be frozen and shrunk even in the palm of her hand 

The Golden Pavilion which has been away for several months is silent in the late summer sunshine I've just been tonsured and endless pool swim spa my head is bruised  This kind of brain is hot in the drought and cool in the evening wind The Golden Pavilion! I finally came to live with you Sometimes I stop holding the broom and say to myself "It doesn't have to be now!"! I wish you would show me kindness one day and reveal your secrets to me Your beauty may be seen clearly in a while but not yet I hope that the Golden Pavilion in reality will show more clear beauty than the Golden Pavilion in my imagination And if you are the incomparable beauty in the world tell me why you endless swimming pool are so beautiful and why you must be beautiful In the summer of that year the Golden Pavilion was more vivid and brilliant with the dark state of the sad news of defeat coming from time to time as bait In June American forces landed on the island of Saipan and allied coalition forces landed on the outskirts of Normandy

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