Very pure, very ambiguous.

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From the license plate of a car you can probably estimate the energy of asrs warehouse the person in front of you If it's a small number plate or a military plate It is estimated that he has a strong background in politics

This kind of person Liu shovel will not be easily provoked Liu Cha looked at the brand Come in a low voice and kiss say "The brand is loose B888" Grass This number I don't know how I got it b888 Liu shovel was stunned at first Heart Road Isn't the sub-brand hanging on an Audi A8 It looks like the license plate of Haisun's company in Songjiang But apparently there's something wrong with the car Is it a deck push back racking system Think of here Liu Shovel breathed a sigh of relief The person who opens the deck Say there is energy It's also very energetic But the energy is not particularly large The general set of cars are not on the formal procedures but if there is a background It's not absolutely impossible to get on the brand However The blame lies in the loose B88 sub-license plate

Those who understand should be clear It belongs to the Donghai Sun family Sun brand is not so easy for you to cover I was caught I guess the car is not only gone Everyone could be gone So Liu shovel is a little strange Could it be that the former people have Automated warehouse systems something to do with the Sun family Song B888 the boy just said his surname was Yang Wait That's not right

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