Rocket League Items aggressive season 13 will stop on March 25

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asked Jul 31 in H&E by lymsjgje88 (7,720 points)

there.Psyonix revealed nowadays that Rocket League’s Rocket League Items aggressive season 13 will stop on March 25—and its successor kicks off on the identical day. The enterprise additionally shared the upcoming competitive rewards: units of wheels with precise hues based totally on a participant’s final rank. The items additionally get increasingly flashier as gamers progress through the ranks.

The  first ranks, Bronze and Silver, will receive a hard and fast of wheels styled after the rank’s colours. Gold players gets a golden set of wheels to in shape their placement, with additional inlays that seem to glow.

Platinum wheels tackle a shade of teal or turquoise, with illuminated Buy Rocket League Credits inlays in light blue—the rank’s unique coloration. Diamond wheels are dyed cobalt and Champions gets their rewards in purple.

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