Kraft Paper Box For French Fries

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asked Jul 18, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_4eUYq3hl (380 points)
Abundant quantity: you will receive a total of 50 pieces Kraft paper box for french fries in one package, sufficient quantity to meet your daily demands and replacement usages, and these cute and practical cups can bring convenience to your life, and you can share them with your family members to use.

Safe and reliable: these Kraft paper box for french fries are made of quality kraft papers, lightweight but sturdy, safe and thick, odorless and tasteless, not easy to break or tear, safe to hold your fries food, ensuring your food safety and providing you with a healthy life.

Appetizing cups: if your have difficult in letting your children finish their meals, you can try to use these lovely and attractive french fry boxes to decorate the food you have prepared; Seeing this funny french fry boxes, you children will obediently and happily eat up these food, saving your a lot of energy

Bring convenience and tidiness to your life: having these Kraft paper box for french fries, you don't need to worry that your fried food will get your hands dirty, and you can dispose them after use; In addition, these fries cups are larger than usual food cups, providing you with plenty room for storing your snacks and fries food

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