Why choose DTF printer In the clothing industry

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Textek A3 DTF printer supports CMYK+W+Fluorescent ink printing. If you want to enter the clothing industry and make a lot of money, or you want to print high-quality clothes to satisfy customers, or you want to increase profits by reducing printing costs, or you want to provide excellent printing effect for 90% of the fabrics in the market.

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DTF, or Direct to Film, is a new technology which allows users to print designs onto special clear polyester films using digital water-based inks and a powder adhesive coating, which requires curing. After curing, you can then heat press the transfer design directly onto your garment.We are very excited to introduce Direct to Film (DTF) to you, an alternative printing process to DTG. You print onto a film transfer that is then dried, after which a powdered glue is applied to the back and the whole thing is heat cured.

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answered Aug 23, 2022 by kentwang (410 points)

DTF printer user purchase instructions

1. The guide rail is quiet and the printing noise is low

2. PET film roll printing

3. White ink mixing system

4. High definition printing

DTF is a new technology that allows users to print designs / artwork on transfer film. Then, these films are transferred to the selected clothing using an adhesive, which can be used as long as a screen print.

The DTF process is as simple as its name implies. Print on film using DTF printer and transfer directly to fabric. It is suitable for 100% cotton, polyester, 50 / 50 blend and so on!

·No pretreatment required

Transfer the powder onto the fabric


The image won't crack and feels softer

·More durable

Suitable for all fabrics - cotton, polyester, 50 / 50 blend, nylon, leather and so on!

·CMYK + white for printing

·A3 + size (large print area)

·White ink mixing can solve the problem of ink clogging.

·Transparent top window so that you can view the print work status

·Based on xp600 printer.

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