Madden AI can't stop Gun Monster

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asked Jan 11, 2019 in Electron Microscopy by smrtsmith (7,400 points)


A couple of teams (Browns, Titans, Bengals, Ravens) possess a formation which the AI in Madden 18 can't stop. It's called Gun Monster, and it also sends both the exterior offensive linemen out wide. And when you'd think a running enjoy only three offensive linemen could be doomed, Madden's AI reacts by sending defensive players to Madden Mobile Coins protect the tackles-turned-wide-receiver, guaranteeing you chunks of yards for the run.
EA told Kotaku its "aware associated with an issue using the Gun Monster formation which can be causing issues with in-game AI" and it "will probably be fixed within a forthcoming Title Update," so get those free yards while you'll be able to.
Meanwhile, if your human player tries to MUT 19 Coins make use of it on you, you are able to always audible to a field goal block to stack the fishing line, or simply call man coverage and pinch your defensive line.


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