A little treat for those who are big

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A little treat for those who are big. We spent a lot of Buy NBA 2K22 MT time enhancing post play , adding loads of fresh content, which includes fresh movement as well as a whole new arsenal of back-to-basket movements. Similar to the face-up ball handling, a lot of the new maneuvers are cancellations or aborts. For instance, you can start the spin of a post by turning on the Pro Stick, then immediately shift the left stick in the opposite direction for a spin back. Additionally, there are R2 fakes that keep you engaged in post making it possible to run multiple fakes together without disengaging.

Shooting has seen many changes in NBA 2K22. The shot meter has been updated with a dynamically resizing make window. This window will expand for high-quality pictures by shooting with good shooters. However, it will narrow when it's being heavily contested shooting with a weak shooter, or fatigued.

The main focus for shot success in the coming year will be Shot the IQ. Teams that have open shots and make smart shots are going to see much more success than the teams that force bad shots. Focus-group testing has been extensive for the new shooting techniques with players of all skill level and are convinced this is the best that shooting has seen ever felt in NBA 2K.

We've revamped the blocking mechanism to make it more efficient in the NBA 2K22 game and are now offering rim protectors additional tools to create great stops on the rim. Furthermore on PS5 we've added timing meters to alley-oops as well as aggressive skill dunk attempts. When an alley pass is being made in air, then you'll need to press the Shot Button exactly at the correct timing to finish the action. Also, on the side of the dunking, holding Sprint and pulling straight on NBA 2K MT the Pro Stick will trigger the brutal skills dunks.

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