14 Creative Hallway Lighting Ideas

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If you don’t have windows lining your hallway, they tend to be pretty dark spaces in a home. So, if you want to be able to see where you’re going at night, you’ll need some hallway lighting ideas to brighten the area up a bit. Get more news about Hallway Ceiling Lights,you can vist our website!

Finding the right hall lighting fixtures depends on a number of things like your budget, your home’s electrical wiring, your ability (or desire) to do some DIY work, and your general taste. Who knew lighting up such a small space would be so difficult? If you’re not sure where to start, check out these ideas.
Since you’re doing multiple fixtures, you don’t need any that have two or three bulbs, just a single bulb light will be plenty. Plus, it will give you a really pretty glow down the hall rather than blinding light.

If your hallway has lighting already, but it’s pretty boring builder-grade fixtures, you can make a major upgrade on a budget with a semi-flush mount drum light like this one.

Since it sits off the ceiling, it has a little big more of an elevated style, and the drum shade is a little more modern than standard (cheap) fixtures. It will give off just as much, if not more, light but look so much better while doing it.

If you have an outlet in your hallway, you can mount this wall sconce without having to do any hard wiring! It has an outlet cord with a switch so you can just hang it and not have to worry about bringing a contractor in to do the work for you.

For a different look, line your hallway with pendant lights! If you have tall ceilings you can hang them down the center of the hall, but if you don’t have that much space, you can hang them closer to the wall for a look that’s just as pretty.

If you want a lot of light, pick something with a clear shade like in this photo, but if you prefer a dim look, find something with a solid shade so that the light is only shining downward instead of all around.

For something quick and easy, go with a plug-in light that mounts right up into the corner like this one. You can run the cord right down the corner, so it’s discreet, and the light is designed to easily nestle and mount right into the corner.

Lights have the ability to do more than just brighten a space, they can also enhance the area’s overall look and style. And, this light definitely does that.

For something less dramatic, or if you’re looking for small hallway lighting, consider an old-fashion vibe with candlelight.These sconces are designed to safely hold candlesticks to light up a small space. But, since traditional candles can be a bit tricky (and become a fire hazard) you can always opt for flameless LED candles instead. Either way, it is a really pretty, unique way to light up your hall.

For a large or wide hallway, you can go a little bigger with your light fixture because it won’t feel like it’s too big for the space. Something like this light is a great option. It uses four candelabra bulbs, so it will emit plenty of light, but it won’t be over the top since the bulbs are so small. This fixture would look particularly great in a home with a farmhouse-chic aesthetic.

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