Coursework is a research paper.

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Coursework is a research paper that completes the process of studying a particular discipline. The final check of the knowledge obtained is usually carried out on the profile subject. The student receives the topic of the work from the department, from among the teachers of which the academic supervisor is appointed.

Depending on the field in which the student studies, term papers are of two types: projects, which are carried out by those who have chosen engineering and technical specialties; works, which are written by students of humanities, economics and other directions.

Coursework has a standard structure; it consists of: title page; content; introduction; the main part (theoretical and practical); the conclusion (conclusions); appendices (if any); references.

Teachers recommend paying special attention to the preparation of the introduction and conclusions, since in the first you need to display the goals and objectives of the research, and in the last to summarize and briefly talk about the results.

It is believed that the final grade depends on the correctness of these sections, so below we will tell you about what the conclusions are and how to write the conclusion to the term paper.

The conclusion means the last chapter of the course project (work), which outlines the results of the research, drawing appropriate conclusions.

Experienced teachers say that the wrong conclusion can ruin even a perfectly written work. It is not for nothing they say that "brevity is the sister of talent". The author needs: in a concise form to present the essence of the research; in the form of theses to present an analysis of theoretical materials, on the basis of which the work was carried out; determine whether the goal and objectives have been reached; formulate a clear conclusion.

The final part of the term paper on any subject must have a certain structure. In this way it will be easier for the supervisor and the committee members to understand how important research has been conducted and what steps the author has taken.

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