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You can easily create a petition online and make it available to people all over the world. In this way you can collect a huge number of signatures in support of the cause. The online petition sites offer free hosting so it doesn't cost you anything to start or  sign petition online .

You can start a petition on almost any issue you can think of, whether it is a serious issue or a petition you create just for fun. These sites do not accept petitions that contain foul language or promote violence, social injustice, prejudice or attack individuals because of their ethnic background or religious affiliation.


Anyone who signs a petition online must use a valid email address. Only one signature per email address is permitted. As the creator of the petition, you should be vigilant in checking the email addresses to ensure they are legitimate. If there are false names on your petition, this could result in the petition being voided by the hosting site or if you submit the petition and the recipients discover that the email addresses are fraudulent, then they will ignore the petition thinking you are trying to deceive them in some way.


Any type of petition is welcome on online whether it addresses a local concern or one of national or global interest. When a petition online is well promoted and represents issues of concern to the majority of people you can expect to receive well in excess of 100,000 signatures. The number of signatures you collect is extremely important because this shows that you do have a large number of supporters and for this reason the recipient will take a closer look at the issue you address.


It is easy to create a petition online. The form is provided for you to use and you only have to enter your text in the spaces provided. You promote the petition, as the hosting site does not do this for you and when you have the appropriate number of signatures, you can then submit the petition to the person or organization. You don't have to worry about formatting the petition letter as the hosting site does this for you.


There are also tools available on the site for you to use to ensure you have the correct spelling and grammar, but it is still advisable to draft the statement for the petition in longhand first and proofread it to make sure it says exactly what you want it to say. Even when you do type it into the online form, proofread it to catch any typos you may have made.


The hosting site will provide you with a link that you send to anyone who may be interested in signing your petition online. You can promote the petition by sending the links to all your email contacts and asking these people to forward the link to all their contacts. There are also many social networking sites online where you can bring attention to your.


It is also free to start a blog on the issue in which you can further clarify your position and your reasons for starting the petition. Even when you have gathered a lot of signatures and submit the petition, you can repeat the submission as many times as you wish when you gather additional ones.


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