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First impressions are important. We have lots of great options when it comes to adding elegance and style to your foyer lighting decor. From classy ceiling lights and foyer pendant lights to hallway lights and wall sconces, our large selection of foyer lights and hallway light fixtures will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Get more news about Hallway Ceiling Lights,you can vist our website!
Chandeliers & More

When it comes to indoor lighting and entryway lights, placing a chandelier in your foyer is an easy way to bring a feeling of beauty and sophistication into your home. There are three main types of chandeliers, classified by the direction in which they cast light: upward, downward and ambient.

Upward chandeliers cast light from the base of the chandelier up to the ceiling. This light direction creates softer lighting that is great for decorative purposes. Downward chandeliers cast light from the base of the chandelier down to the floor, table or onto other pieces of furniture or household items. This light direction creates more direct light that is great for task lighting. Ambient chandeliers cast light in all directions. This light direction creates a glowing effect for full illumination. Some chandeliers are hybrids that cast light in more than one direction.

Foyer chandeliers come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Mini chandeliers are a small, compact version of traditional chandeliers. They’re ideal for smaller rooms or spaces. Modern chandeliers offer simplicity with a contemporary style. Rustic chandeliers and cottage chandeliers are popular choices as well.

We also carry lots of light bulbs to place inside your table lamps, hallway lights and entryway lights.

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