Can a generator power a house?

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asked Apr 19, 2022 in H&E by MechMarvels (200 points)

A Generator can be used to power critical items in your house. The larger the generator, the more circuits that can be powered. 

Need plenty of power and multiple fuel options? Want to be able to provide back-up power for your house and have a work horse for the job site? 带电启动的双燃料便携式发电机9000W电启动双燃料便携式发电机

The Mech Marvels 9350DFE 9000W Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable Generator is the easy choice! 


This beast of a generator provides up to 9000 Surge watts, and 7500 running watts of power. Easily keep the lights on and refrigerators running at home, or power ALL your tools for the Team on the job site!

For a quick overview of two different ways to hook up a generator to your home, check out this video by Ask This Old House:






哪种 Mech Marvels Generator 类型适合我?



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