EA will be boosting his performance in Madden 22

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To mark Tom Brady's retirement, and Madden 22 coins to show appreciation of his achievements during his playing career, EA will be boosting his performance in Madden 22 to a game-perfect 99 overall. Brady is a two-time cover athlete, first appearing for the first time on Madden NFL 18 and again on Madden NFL 22 (alongside Patrick Mahomes).

It's the second time this season that Brady has been a part of the sought-after 99 Club. He spent the majority of the season with a score of total of 97, he temporarily boosted by a hundred in week 4 following setting his NFL record for the most career-high passing yards in October. It only lasted for one week , however, and it was cut to 98 one week after.

Despite his retirement, Brady proved this season that he's got plenty left for his tank. At age 44, he defied father time, putting together one of the greatest statistical seasons of his career. He recorded 5,316 yards of passing and 43 touchdowns. As it turned out, there was no age factor into Brady's decision, the most important factor was an urge to get more time with his family.

The jump to 99 overall sums up an amazing buy madden coins Madden professional career of Brady as well. Brady began his career with a rating of 57 just in 2001. The future hall-of-famer reached the 99 mark many times during his career and included Madden 09, Madden 12, Madden 18 Madden 19 as well as Madden 22.

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