Steps to easily determine the Brother Printer default username and password

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asked Apr 14, 2022 in Cell Tracking by searchit02 (600 points)

If you don't have a brother printer default password​You cannot use your brother's printer to print. The technical steps below can help you troubleshoot your Brother printer password and username in a short time. These are the steps to set your Brother printer default password. If you have any questions, then we recommend that you contact an expert.

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answered Jun 3, 2022 by tech800n (1,740 points)

You can manage the settings of your Brother Printer model HL-L2350DW by setting the default password. The default password for Brother Printer model number HL-L2350DW can be found at the back of the printer or the bottom. You can also print the Network Configuration Report and look for the default password for Brother Printer. To protect your printer from unauthorized access, change the password and modify printer settings to suit your needs.

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