NBA 2K22's Seasons will ensure that this will not occur

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Another prominent player who lost one point after an exchange was Kristaps Porzingis, who has an 85 on the Washington Wizards after moving from the Mavericks NBA 2K MT. As of now, the New York Knicks continue to fall out of playoff contention, and their biggest names are struggling with their numbers, as Kemba Walker fell to 78 , and Julius Randle fell one to an 82.

It's been proven that the south, in particular Atlanta is the heart of the music industry. The city has maintained an uncompromising grip on rap and hip-hop for more than a quarter of a century, and there's no indication of it stopping anytime or soon.

It's not uncommon for Atlanta-born celebrities cheering on the Hawks. A few, if none, teams have the young star-power at their games that the Hawks enjoy. Gunna, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, and of course, Quavo have a long history at State Farm Arena.

Quavo is perhaps the biggest superfan, given his tight friendship with Trae Young. The rappers from the group 'Migos' welcomed Young under their wing following his selection in 2018 and their relationship has intensified since then. Now , the two friends are colleagues, at least in the virtual world due to NBA 2K.

This is too cool. The Hawks have been gaining steam in the last few months, so has Quavo. First, he debuted the absolute smash of a single called 'Shooters inside My Crib and Buy NBA 2K22 MT now Quavo is collaborating in a partnership with 2K Sports. Find out what he's shared in his personal Instagram page below.

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