How to Reset Xfinity Router Password?

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asked Apr 9 in H&E by elenacollins (2,600 points)

Xfinity is among the best selling routers and internet service providers. Their routers are quite reliable but you do face issues sometimes. Resetting the router is the best way to resolve those issue. Thereafter, you must perform Xfinity router password reset steps. Let’s have a look at the same. 
Steps to reset password:
 Open a web browser and type in the URL section. This will direct you to the log in page.
 Enter the default credentials in the provided boxes. The default username and password is admin.
 Now, navigate to Wi-Fi settings and click on password.
 Enter the current password and then proceed to change it.
 Create and type the new password twice.
 Click ok to save the changes.

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