To balance the main five best three-point shooters from the NBA 2K22 series

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Yeah, Ich sway with Mike. Everything in 2K22 that isn't actually in-game action merely distracts from what the game does best NBA 2K Coins. Being someone who doesn't enjoy playing ball around in The City at all, I'd go as far to say I wouldn't mind having the modes split entirely. This probably isn't an efficient business decision however, so it's unlikely to ever happen.

I'd also want to see something along the lines of a MyCoach mode. Let me become the head coach of an athletic team from high school and climb the ladder to college into the NBA, in a 2K version of Football Manager.

We had an ambitious list of features we set out to tackle this year: speedier-paced gameplay that is more responsive and precise movement, more skill-based offenses, and major improvements to the player builder. We put in a lot of effort to ensure that we were delivering the same quality gameplay upgrades for the PS5 and PlayStation 4. PS5 and PS4 and PS4, so regardless of what version you're running this year you're bound to enjoy a fresh experience.

The goal of defense was to give gamers the tools to be able to significantly alter the outcome of the game both on the floor and around the rim. If you're a strong perimeter defender with a good sense of timing, we wanted you to be able clamp the dribbler to make the ball to pass. In the case of rim protection Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins, we wanted to equip you with the power to knock off weak shots at will.

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