"Glitch" is a term that "glitch" is used within the community

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As usual members of the NBA 2K NBA 2K22 MT community are back with a fresh round of "glitches" intended to make plenty of cash in very short amounts of time. Below, we'll outline several of the most popular strategies utilized by players in the wake of the update to 1.06.

Before we go into the techniques, however, we feel it's essential to clarify a few things. First, these strategies aren't instant pathways to 100,000 VC without much effort. These are typically simply grinds with shorter forms that need less play time to earn an acceptable amount of cash.

"Glitch" is a term that "glitch" is used within the community for these tactics however there's more dedication involved than seems. If you're unwilling to repeatedly repeated and repeated attempts to earn additional money, these ploys aren't worth it.

It is also important to note that, just like all VC errors in the NBA 2K series, it's possible that using these techniques without a doubt could be a reason to ban your account. While 2K isn't as aggressive in dealing with these types of penalties lately, remember that you're at risk when you use any route that isn't sanctioned for VC.

As such, we are not liable for any 2k myteam coins disciplinary measures that result from these errors. Now that we have everything taken care of, let's get back to the fun stuff. Just after the release of NBA 2K22 gamers discovered that they could be granted easy VC when they quit this newer version of the game at the same time that their first game at the Brickley's Gym was about to conclude.

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