DYMO - Label Writer Shipping Labels, 4 x 6, White

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DYMO - Label Writer Shipping Labels, 4 x 6, White

Whether you work in an office with a high volume of outbound shipping or own run a retail business out of your house, having a supply of shipping labels on hand is essential. DYMO® - LabelWriter® Shipping Labels, 4 x 6, White - 220/Roll take care of your label needs with an adhesive paper that presents a clear and easy-to-read label. Each roll of DYMO shipping labels is easy to install and features an easy peel sticker with strong adhesive for your shipments. Labels come pre-cut so they’re easy to separate after printing.Get more news about Dymo 6x4 Labels,you can vist our website!

What Do I Need to Print my Own Shipping Labels?
To print off your own DYMO - LabelWriter Shipping Labels, you will need a compatible printer. These shipping labels are specifically used with the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Printer. Printing is easy directly from Microsoft Word®, Excel® or Outlook® and labels can be printed off of eBay®, Amazon®, Etsy and more.

No-Mess Printing
DYMO - LabelWriter Shipping Labels are printed via a direct thermal process that promises no mess or running ink. There’s no need for pricey toner cartridges or inks to print your shipping labels. Labels adhere directly to packaging to prevent the need for additional tape so your boxes can look as clean as your labels.

What Shipping Services Can I Print Labels For?
You can print labels for most major shipping companies through online portals. This includes the United States Postal Service and UPS®. Whether shipping out items from an eBay sale or sending interoffice documents, DYMO shipping labels are a valuable tool that’s compatible with major shipping companies.

Support Ethics in Business by Buying DYMO Shipping Labels
When you purchase DYMO shipping labels, you’re supporting a business that adheres to the California Transparency Supply Chain Act. The act is in place to help prevent unlawful business practices, human trafficking and slavery within the supply chain. Parent company Newell Brands follows Responsible Sourcing Standards that prohibit child labor. The company’s Master Purchase Agreement requires suppliers to use only labor and materials that are in compliance with labor laws.

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