The "12th Five-Year Plan" of the petrochemical industry is about to be issued

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It is reported that the “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Industry” is currently undergoing final approval and will be formally introduced. It is expected that during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the average annual growth rate of the oil and chemical industry will be maintained at more than 10%. By the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the total output value of the petrochemical industry will reach 16 trillion yuan, of which fine and specialty chemicals will increase to more than 45%, and there will be more than 15 companies with sales revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan. <br> Chang Yuzhi, a researcher in the chemical industry of China Investment Advisors, pointed out that due to years of extensive development, China&#39;s petroleum and chemical industry currently has problems such as overcapacity of basic products and shortage of high-end products. The "Investment Analysis and Prospect Forecast Report for China&#39;s Petrochemical Industry 2011-2015" released by the China Investment Advisor shows that currently China&#39;s traditional chemical products such as urea, soda ash, calcium carbide, polyvinyl chloride, and methanol all have serious excess capacity, and some additional High-value new chemical materials and high-end specialty chemicals need to be imported from abroad. <br> Therefore, in order to promote the further development of China&#39;s oil and chemical industry, China is introducing relevant policies to adjust the structure of the petroleum and chemical industry, and encourage companies to vigorously develop high-end petrochemical products. According to related news, the core of the forthcoming "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Industry" is the structural adjustment, the development of high-end petrochemical products, and the realization of the petrochemical industry. At the same time, the plan will also focus on supporting the informatization and technological transformation of the petrochemical industry. <br> Zhang Yanlin, research director of China Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. pointed out that as structural adjustments and vigorous development of high-end products have become the development direction of China&#39;s petroleum and chemical industry, the key to achieving product structure adjustment and development of high-end products lies in the improvement of technology. At present, China is also taking measures to promote the integration of production, study and research in the oil and chemical industry and improve the production technology of chemical products. <br> According to relevant data, China&#39;s petroleum and chemical industry&#39;s "12th Five-Year Plan" technology development plan proposes that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, efforts will be made to improve independent innovation capabilities, develop new technologies and new products with high performance and high added value, and overcome new types of coal chemical industry. And key technologies in biochemical and other industries. We have achieved technological breakthroughs in strategic emerging industries, vigorously developed and actively promoted low-carbon technologies, and accelerated the construction of innovation systems.

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