How do you get contact Dunks

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An aggressive dunk Buy NBA 2K22 MT can be done by holding the triggers of the R2 and RT and then flicking the right stick in any direction as you are running. Aggressive dunks are available to anyone with elite dunking gear, such as Ja Morant Vince Carter, and Zion Williamson.

It's okay if opposing defenders are close to the ball with elite basketball players since they have the required attributes to perform spectacularly over them. If you have your player sprint from the backcourt and have good stamina increases your chances of getting the job done.

Contact dunks are done by holding down R2 or RT with the right stick pointed up as you sprint towards the basket. There must be a defender protecting the paint in order that your player can finish an enthralling contact dunk with him.

Elite finishers have a better chance to finish contact dunks than defenders. Players that have the elite or pro packages will make contact dunks more accessible, but the difficulty of finishing them rises over players with high paint defense and blocks.

Dunk contest controls are distinct how to nba 2k22 buying mt 2k22 from the normal dunks you'll see during games. Players are able to choose the kind of dunk they wish to pull off based on the given dunks within NBA 2K22. The timing and the execution is crucial when it comes to these dunks as the judges will scrutinize them when scoring.


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