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return to siteBut do we know that there are many things we have to examine before agreeing to trading links with yet another website? All things considered, the whole point of exchanging links...

I believe that people all know now how essential backlinks are for the search engine ranking success of our web site. I also think that we all know now that one way to get these backlinks is by doing link transactions with other sites. (For the inexperienced, backlinks are links o-n other internet sites that point to ours.)

But do we know that there are numerous things we need to always check before agreeing to exchanging links with another site? After-all, the entire point of trading links with others will be to take advantage of the rating of these web websites. It is for that reason essential that individuals examine in advance regarding whether trading links with another site is to our advantage or not.

I have thought about this whole concept of link exchange planning and came up with a 3-step process that requires an analysis of 3 pages of the web page you want to exchange links with. The 3 pages are:

- where we are going to have to check always 7 reasons for that page the home page,

- the directory page: here is the site that includes a listing of categories that the website has put-together in a bid to arrange its link exchanges. I learned about this month by searching Yahoo. We need to check 7 things here,

- the backlink page: here is the site which will contain our backlink. We also need to check always 7 things here.

Remember that in some instances, the 'target' site will not have a directory site. In that case, our investigation will be a 2-step one as opposed to a 3-step one.

In this first report, of could be 2 or 3, we shall examine the 7 things (arranged in 2 groups) we must check about the home page of the goal web site.

1. We have to examine what Google thinks of the site. This can be done by looking at some items that Google is very happy to report of a site. The theory here will be to see if you will find any problems with the website, from Google's viewpoint, that could cause us to choose to not trade links with them. If you are interested in writing, you will likely fancy to check up about 創業家聯合記帳士事務所(會計事務所) -記帳 代客記帳 報稅 所得稅申報 網路報稅 節稅 免費廣告刊登 免費網站登錄 - 輕鬆記帳到府收件.

It is suggested that people seem at:

a) how many pages does the site have found? This is done by utilizing '' inside the Google search box,

b) just how many backlinks does Google report for the site? This can be done by utilizing '' inside the Google search box,

D) is the site listed in Google's index? This is done by utilizing '' within the Google search box,

d) what's the Page Rank of the site/home site? There are numerous methods for achieving this. One-way would be to have the Google toolbar and look at the web site to determine its PR. Yet another way is by using one of the many web sites online that allows us to find the PR of any web site. And still another way would be to look for software which will tell you the PR of any internet sites.

Even though we shall generally need to examine these 4 things together in a type of table in-order to decide whether the target site moves step one or not, you'll find certain results that could cause me to decide immediately not to change links having a site:

- when the PR of your website is zero,

- if the site is not stated in the Google index,

When the site doesn't have any pages indexed by Google -.

You'll note here that I'm using Google since the first step in the planning. In-fact, we can use any se if we wish to but given that Google is more restless than the others as it pertains to backlinks, I would suggest using Google in the above first faltering step.

2. I'd then suggest that we examine 3 tickets of the home page of the prospective site, in a bid to ascertain when the site has a design suitable for ours:

a) its title label,

b) its explanation draw,

c) its key-words tag.

There are lots of means of checking the contents of a web page's tickets. Then you'll need to visit the home page and click the right menu command to view the contents of the page, if your browser, such as MSIE, enables you to view the contents of a web page. You then should search to the top of the page to view the contents of its tickets. Linklicious.Me Coupon includes more about the purpose of this activity. The choice would be to seek out web sites online that enable you to see the contents of the tickets of any web pages. There are numerous such web sites online.

The reason for this is the fact that Google takes into account the style of web sites when considering backlinks. This means that backlinks from a site that's a theme compatible with mine will soon be of higher price than one that comes from a site that's nothing to do with what our site is approximately.

This preparation is on the home page of the target site and is simply step one, as previously mentioned above. There are 2 more steps: one on the directory page and one on the backlink page.

It's only if the goal site passes the 3 steps that we must feel comfortable about trading links with them in that the hyperlink trade is to our advantage. Needless to state that the mark web site may also need to perform an identical 3-step examination of our site prior to seeking to trade links with us.

Serge M Botans.

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