Brady's 2007 season already started with a lot of promise

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Brady's 2007 season already started with a lot of promise, and by year's end it would be one of the most statistically outstanding seasons of every quarterback to Mut 22 coins play in NFL history. Teaming up with Randy Moss, who had spent a few middling years in Oakland after a few dazzling years as an Minnesota Viking, Brady set a new NFL record with his passing touchdowns in a season with an even 50. That was more than Peyton Manning's previous record set the previous season by a single touchdown.

Brady is said to have thrown almost half of the passes towards Moss himself. Moss set the receiving TD record of his own that year as the Patriots then became the first-ever 16-0 team in the history of the league. Unfortunately for Brady and Patriots Nation, a fierce interior pass rush and one ridiculous end-of-game David Tyree catch resulted in the Pats falling short of the perfect 19-0 record, as Brady suffered the first Super Bowl defeat of his career against New York Giants. New York Giants.

When 2008 came around, Brady was sure to have an ember burning under his seat. determined to return to glory after a heartbreaking losing to the G-Men, Brady wouldn't get to show his star-studded team could get back to that promised paradise. Brady would sustain a first-half knee injury due to Chiefs security Bernard Pollard, and would suffer a lengthy absence for all season. Naturally the Madden team couldn't have foreseen this, so Brady was still dominating in the virtual game that season, even as Matt Cassel tried his best to keep the team in shape on the field. Brady only threw 11 passes during the season before being cut however his statistics in Madden head-to-head were surely much more impressive as one game's top 99-rated players.

After a year of rehabilitation for his leg, Brady was able to cheapest madden 22 coins earn the trust of Tiburon and EA as the life-threatening injury did not result in Brady's Madden rating taking a hit not at all. At an overall 97, he's still top-of-the-line, even if 16-0 was not in the reach of his actual counterpart. The Patriots finished the season 10-6 However, Brady's most recent Super Bowl victory was starting to disappear from his rear-view mirror.


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