The factory noted that this particular episode of the game focuses

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The factory noted that this particular episode of 2K22 MT the game focuses more on the defensive connection, and comprehensively revamps the shooting interference and blocking attack system. It also adds several brand-new blocking methods which include thrilling smash blocking waves.

If the shooter interferes or doubles the opponent's shooter at the proper time, it will greatly alter the shooting efficiency of the opponent or even force players to shoot AirBall. Similarly, if the player is defensively in a bad position or has no assistance ahead of the shooter, for instance let the opponent have the chance to shoot, it could make the opponent easily scoring.

It is worth mentioning that defensive AI is also an important component of next-generation artificial intelligence. The ball-holding defensive position system allows defenses to maintain a consistent sense of where they are, enhances the reasoning behind changing defenses/assist defenses, and will not arbitrarily flick away from the frame. Guards focus on defending the most dangerous areas.

This part is coupled with improvements in defense and ball holding. Whether it is defending from the center beneath the basket or the shooter moving around the perimeter the shooter can clearly feel it's bigger than the last episode. A feeling of defensive pressure.

Dribbling has always been the essence of Cheap MT 2K22 every generation of basketball games in 2K. This is the case in "NBA 2K22","basic fancy" dribbling "basic fancy dribble" and"signature fancy" dribble, "signature fancy dribble" is directly combined into one. The idea is to make extravagant movements and dynamic the capture of chance.

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