Professional Dunk packs available on NBA 2K22

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Standing dunks can be executed NBA 2K22 MT by pressing down on the shooting button (square or X) or flicking the right stick up while holding RT or R2. Standing dunks can be performed by center players or forwards using the elite or professional Dunk packs available on NBA 2K22. Your player must be standing with no defenders in the vicinity to perform this move.

A dunk that is aggressive can be executed by holding down the R2 or RT trigger and flicking the left stick any way while running. Dunks that are aggressive can be done by any player that has the elite dunking package including Ja Morant Vince Carter, and Zion Williamson.

It's acceptable if your opponent's defenders are in the middle of the court in the case of elite players since they have the qualities needed to be able to dominate over them. When you see your player sprint out of the backcourt and possessing high endurance will improve your chances of completing the move.

How to get contact dunks

A contact dunk can be done by holding R2 or RT , with the right stick pointed to the sky while sprinting towards the basket. There should be a defender who is guarding the paint to ensure that your player is able to complete the contact dunk on top of him.

Elite finishers have a greater chance of completing contact dunks over defenders. Players that have the elite or pro packages will unlock contact dunks, but the challenge to finish them increases over defenders with the best paint defense and block.

Dunk contest controls are different from nba 2k22 my team points your regular dunks during games. Participants can select the type of dunk they'd like to perform based on the dunks that are available of NBA 2K22. It is important to be precise and timed when performing thesedunks, since the judges will observe them when determining.

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