Searching For The Best Jewelry Brands

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We all love a little bling in the dreary day-to-day of our average lives. Finding those perfect pieces of jewelry can turn an outfit into a statement, and what more could you really want? But how do you find those pieces and brands that are actually worth your time? To get more news about make your own custom jewelry online, you can visit official website.

From engagement and wedding rings to simply stunning pieces you’ve gifted yourself, there are so many options when it comes to jewelry.

You’re looking at gemstones, metals, styles, cut, clarity, and, of course – cost! Each factor adds to the brand to break down and clarify what exactly makes the best jewelry brands the best.

When you buy, you want a quality product, especially when it comes to jewelry. No matter your gender, age, race, or sexuality, everyone can agree that if you’re giving or receiving jewelry, you want it to be a good piece that will last.

Jewelry goes beyond a simple accessory and many times people have memories of places, trips, and loved ones attached to what they wear.

To help you out when buying, whether it’s for your next gift for others or simply for yourself, we’ve created this list of 12 brands that offer amazing customer service, custom pieces, and, above all else, the quality you’ve been hoping for.
The 7 Best Jewelry Brands
Through careful consideration, we’ve narrowed the endless companies online down to a Top 12 Best Jewelry Brands list just for you! These 12 brands each have unique components that earned them a place on this list.
#1: James Allen Jewelry Brand
If you’re looking for quality diamonds, then James Allen may just be the best jewelry brand in the business in that regard.

This company has been reviewed not only by us, but Business Insider, National Jeweler, and Forbes, all of whom claim that this brand is easily worth their offered prices.
#2: Gabriel & Co Jewelry Brand
Focusing their efforts on weddings and accessories, the Gabriel & Co brand typically caters to women. This company was founded by the Gabriel brothers on the notion of bringing special designs to standard markets to make every moment special.

The founders understood that each piece of jewelry told a story of the moment it was received and decided they wanted to add to that history of each piece through their unique designs.
#3: Blue Nile Jewelry Brand

When it comes to the wedding industry, Blue Nile has you covered. We’ve included this as one of the best jewelry brands for their reputation as well as unique customization options available online.Mark Vadon, the co-founder of this Seattle-based company, set out to design a jewelry brand that offered simplicity to a typically frustrating and overwhelming time.

#4: Frost NYC Jewelry Brand

We’re well aware that weddings and engagements aren’t the only places where jewelry shines, so that brings Frost NYC to our list of best jewelry brands. This company was founded by Arthur Ilyev and Nick Kaykov in 2000 to bring top-quality jewels to people at an affordable price.

These hip-hop pieces are styled for both men and women, though more items lean towards men’s fashion.
#5: Gorjana Jewelry Brand

Take a casual turn with your jewelry fashion through Gorjana’s striking product line.

It seems fairly safe to add this as one of our best jewelry brands after Michelle Obama hyped it up in People Magazine. We don’t know about you, but that alone is some high endorsement for this company’s quality pieces.
#6: Aurate Jewelry Brand

Leave behind the old and step into the new with the modern designs of Aurate. Founders Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui created the company based on their frustration with green fingers, high prices, dainty pieces, and old-fashioned designs.

This New York company creates durable, quality pieces that are ethically sourced and sustainably made at prices that wouldn’t make you lose your mind.
#7: Ross-Simons Jewelry Brand

Here’s to a classic brand we can trust to provide the quality we need. Ross-Simons was founded in the 1950s and has continued to put forth the effort needed to remain strong in the jewelry game.

Established with the goal of affordable top-quality pieces, the company has remained one of the best jewelry brands on the market in terms of their inventory, designs, prices, and service.

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Some men have gold cuban link chain or bracelets. There is one rule in wearing jewels and it never changes: they must not be a display of someone's fortune, but rather of his/her taste. A ring, a watch, a chain or a bracelet can complete successfully the general aspect of a man when they are discreet and refined.

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