I just read around and came across PC extremely

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The only rfd glove that is worth getting are the barrows' gloves.. Also, getting complete stats, quest requirements for them will require at least 2 months of questing and RS gold skilling.. I'd rather not. My classes are in full swing too. Notice how i don't have Ags any more? Bgs is for pking and Clw is for breaks.. Bgs combination of spec and dh kills any pwn. Sarasword FAAYYYLLLS in pvp.. And like I said before, next time I train str, it'll include Cr.

I'm pondering what strategies I can use to beat Nomad. I haven't tried it yet, but I want to make sure to do so that I'm completely prepared and know what to expect. Do you have any advice you've got. I'll provide my stats in case it helps. I'm grateful to anyone who gets back to me.

Melee him. Make use of Chaotic rapier if you have it, if not utilize BGS. It is possible to get away with rocktails and some torts full of rocktails but you should drink 4 brews and two restores just in case, and also take 1 prayer potion and 1 super attack as well as 1 super strength.

Get a good understanding of his attack and then dodge in the right way I also suggest having a kyatt bag and about 20 scrolls as it makes it much easier to take your tort off when you've exhausted all of your food, and summon your kyatt. Pray piety for the majority of the battle and also piety to safeguard yourself from attacks at the final.

My stats are a lot lower than yours and I meleed the guy with ease (with DDEF and rapier) I ended up needing at least 10 brews as well as the rest , rocktails. I got close enough to where you are likely to be able to cope given your improved stats. If you feel that the healing is inadequate, you can always go to brewing but what I suggested can cost as much as 250k per effort, versus ~400-500k with brews, so it's worth giving rocktails a shot imo. Rocktails are also much easier to handle because your health is maintained and you dont need to be concerned about keeping track of a 3-1 ratio when eating.

I just read around and came across PC extremely interesting. I will try to get void. What is the time it will take? I'm trying to figure out what ring, what bow... ( Does D Bow count as my top bow? ?)... and , if my arrows go back to me at the conclusion in the course. Also the helm the arma helm perform better? Arrows will not come back to you after the conclusion your game. I've heard void takes about 7-14hrs. I haven't bothered recording time, but it took around rs07 fire cape 10 hours. I'd not suggest opting for void, except if you intend to renew your membership.

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