Do not believe people who say Ktop is also a problem

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asked Feb 18 in 3D Segmentation by Dragonborn (640 points)

Do not believe people who say Ktop is also a problem. You said you play in teams of 5-6 men and that's about a 1/6th chance of the minion hitting you. Be careful with RuneScape Gold the ktop, the strenght of the bandos is far more important. Also, I'm not sure of your level of prayer/herb. The least you can do is be essential. If you're around 70 herb, you'll likely get 88'ish herblore with 40M. Extremes+6? is it from Bandos.

He has 60 prayers and 48 herblore. It would cost 6.9mil for 70 prayer with an ecto with ashes or dbones/altar. It took only a few minutes for me on ecto with ashes. I could get about 70k/hr with no short cuts since you don't have to grind bones. I'm not certain how much xp/hr you get with dbones/altar however, it is believed to be more efficient so I would suggest that you buy it.

Is there anyone who's willing to key larges for me while I belch? But here's the deal that I had to do 20 kills in fight caves for a big Dungeon by Benn0. Would would anyone like to take on this with me? I'm open to doing something similar to that if someone wants, maybe duel quits or some other thing?

You don't need to be skilled, just competent enough to abandon 2 floors. I'm just looking for an easier method. Would you like to dung with me? 83 because I got Bonecrusher and Split D tooth necklace. Totaling 42k tokens or 420k extra points I'll need to earn for CR. Does anyone know how long it will take me to get this? Soloing smallshas proven to be the best option, and to be the most efficient for me (I made a key for a 49 minute large :P)

Did you do the large as your team? How much xp/h do you get? I managed it with Cart (138) in addition to Beast V3 (117) thus my boss had 403 (Shadow-forger). I died 6 times, 1 from keying because I ran out of prayer and five times on the boss due to RS Gold 2007 him being able to strike me with ease and decrease my defense to approximately 30 with the same attacks. I could have gotten around 26k because I scored 13k and I'm thinking 6 deaths within a -50%. 26K tokens or an xp? coulda gotten 52K... but because that you fought it, it's is -50 percent. Right? And GZ... It's worth it.

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