Also, you must realize it takes time to get

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The main armour set will not be degradable and also offensively friendly (torso offers strength boosts, which is not the case with barrows). Also keep in mind that RS gold aside from Dharok's and Verac's when it comes to certain scenarios, all other Barrows sets (including those with weapons) are ineffective.

So the top 3 options I'd suggest to you The the skirt of Verac, or Dragon Legs along with Fighter torso and Abyssal whip/Dragon Defender (you could also have a Guthan's set that heals you along with this). Torag's Plate and Legs along With Whip or Defender. It is very effective in defense, however for the majority of scenarios it's very ineffective since you rarely suffer much damage anyways. The Verac's Brassard and Skirt along with whip. The full set can be employed for specific tasks, including Kalphite queen and barsrows, or PvP.

It's a team effort. It is possible to be a superb keyer, but without a strong team, it's useless. It's possible to play 5:5 with at least 2-3 good people including yourself. This could be someone who has angry quit or who is kind of leeching/not doing much.

I feel that having certain products can be very helpful. Like The Shadow Silk Hooded. It's not just for you, but for all your team members. Since just one person not experiencing it could slow down an dungeon when you're trying to replicate a lever room but the Skeletons continue to attack those who are Non Hooded one.

I'd also suggest working to improve your stats. Not just combat , but the capabilities as well. Because it is a waste of time when a keyer is opening doors and sees the need to trim vines but you don't have the necessary skills, so you'll have to call person to help you with this door. Sometimes they are unable to find an instrument. So that saves time too. To combat the part of the equation. This is mostly for strength/defence. The only strength you need is for the force bar door , or some other rooms that require that skill. Later, you'll be able to defend, and equip better armor or tank more monsters.

Also, you must realize it takes time to get proficient in this field as each dungeon will be distinctive, and requires different methods of doing it. In the new version, I believe it will be easier than before. Because if you can find an hooded 125+ group w/ 90+ Dungeoneering that is performing occult floors, that assists. Before you'd have to settle with cheap OSRS gold whoever was doing say floor 38. Because that was the only one you could leave.

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