Craft Beer System

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_3HNSShC0 (320 points)
Craft Beer SystemCapacity from 100L to 50HLSystem include:Milling systemMalt mill, adjustable grooved roll, ABB motor,?AugerFittings& valvesBrewhouseMash tun, later tun, brew kettle, whirlpool,Heat exchanger,Pumps for mash& hot water?Fire box or boilerHot Liquor tankBuffer tankPlatform and stairs,Flow meter for mash in and sparge water,Mash hydrator with valve,Mash rakes & grain out,Complete hard pipes manifold & valvesFermentation systemFermenter (uni-fermenter), bright tank,Yeast adding tank,Pipeline& valvesRefrigeration systemChiller,Glycol reservoir,Centrifugal pumpCIP systemSterilizing &alkali water tank,Centrifugal pumpstainless trolley with wheelscables and valveskeg fillerKeg washer, keg filler or combo of keg washer& filler unit;1 head or 2 heads,?by manual or automatic, for the latter we use PLC touch screen to control the whole of machine, the process of washing, sterilizing and filling is operated automatically.Controlling systemManual or automatic controlling,Control temperature for flow meter and temperature of brewhouse, fermenters and CIP.Spare parts?Food grade hose,Iron shell thermometer,Butterfly valve pads,Platinum resistance temperature instrument,Sugar measuring,Inflatable head,Measuring cylinder

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