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The tree is nature's most benevolent donor. They assume a vital part in giving

life and sustaining it, as a whole, as well as balancing the ecosystem. This

understanding how important trees are to our lives on earth and what we are is important to us. They can deal with the problem of declining numbers and all the additional challenges

Come with it.


In the current state of the epidemic, we, the crusaders of this planet, have come to understand

The importance of trees - a life support. The speed of dependence on the oxygen cylinder.

Urbanization and industrialization. The need of the hour is to plant trees every day

Practicing habits like planting trees on environment day, birthday etc.


Which needs to be realized that life on the planet is directly proportional to cultivation

Trees. Trees are our life expectancy. They give us oxygen, wood, shelter and much more but

Our irresponsible behavior has led to its downfall. We are through a tree planting campaign

Contribute to improving forest cover and resources for all other living species that have them

Trees are a natural habitat.


Trees play a vital role in controlling temperature and creating weather

Conditions conducive to rainfall. They take in carbon dioxide from the air, which makes it pure,

And releases oxygen, which is essential for life. Moreover, they supply us

With wood, food, fuel, paper, etc., which is an important part of our daily lives. In addition,

They are also home to all kinds of animals and birds.


Deforestation is one of the main reasons behind the climate change crisis we are facing today.

This has not only led to numerous natural disasters, but also resulted in them

Severe extinction and extinction of many species of plants and animals.

The importance of trees is recognized all over the world. In India it is called Tree Planting Day

Like the Van Festival throughout the first week of July every year. Planting is not going on

in Bangladesh as well as from one side of the planet to the other. Finally, I would like to say, "He who plants a tree loves another.



The only Parel tree of that rare species has been standing in Sonantal of Bogra for hundreds of years. Many say it is now the only tree in the world. The late Syed Nurul Huda, a landlord for the Government Nazir Akhtar College at Sonatala in Bogra, brought two saplings from Kharagpur in the Midnapore district of undivided India to his place of work. One of the two seedlings died and the other is still standing.


If you want to know the reason behind the destruction of Parel tree from the world, the international environmental scientist and botanist Dr. Mohammad Abdul Awal told Voice of America, "Every animal on earth has an environment. When that environment is destroyed, he becomes weak and dies at one stage. The same goes for trees. Trees also grow in an environment. Survives. The ecosystem works when the natural environment around the tree is good. As a result, a forest protects a community. It is not extinct then. But if for some reason one part of the natural environment is destroyed or one is shut down, then the whole ecosystem is destroyed. Then the trees that depend on the natural environment no longer get that support. Due to which those trees become extinct over time. Parel trees have also become extinct due to ecosystem loss.



He added, "There were different temperatures in different parts of the world. In the course of time, soil has become polluted due to environmental pollution, water and air have become victims of pollution. The earth's temperature is constantly rising. As a result, the natural environment has been severely damaged. Its effects are threatening the whole world, including animals and plants.



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You can use this amazing plant is many interesting ways.English Ivy Plant is very adaptable and it can be trained on almost anything. The best part is that you can use it as a groundcover, potted plant and even as a climber on walls, trellises or frames. The plants firmly catches hold of anything and continues to grow with vigor. The suckers or small roots appear from the stems that help the plant to establish on structures. This quality of Ivy has made it a common climbing plant. 

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