The best smart lock 2022

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The best smart lock means leaving home without your keys is no longer a nightmare situation, as you can use your smartphone to unlock your front door. A smart lock ensures that you no longer need to fumble for your keys when you reach your door, instead just hold your smartphone close to your front door for a fuss-free way to enter your home. To get more news about safe lock, you can visit official website.

There’s a wide range of styles when it comes to the best smart locks on the market, so whether you want an unassuming model that disguises its smarts to the outside world or a more high-tech style that proudly boasts a keypad and does away with a physical key complete, there’s an option to suit you. Whichever design you opt for, smart locks are relatively simple to install as they replace the existing lock on your door.
As well as being controlled by your smartphone, you can also use your voice to control a smart lock, as you would any other smart home device. This means it's far easier to secure your home for the night when you’re heading up to bed - just ask the voice assistant in one of the best smart speakers or smart displays to do it for you, rather than having to scoot around your home bolting doors and switching lights off.

A smart lock can also prove a useful bit of kit in your home security strategy, too, automating the steps you may take to ensure intruders can’t access your house. For example, if one of the best video doorbells or home security cameras detects activity outside, a smart lock can be set to instantly secure your door.

When it comes to price, a smart lock will set you back anywhere from $90 / £150, right up to $280 / £300 depending upon just how smart the lock is, and the style you’ve opted for.

While brands such as Yale may be go-to names when it comes to smart locks, there are also newer brands such as August and Kwikset to consider, as they offer robust smart locks that are more affordable than models from security stalwarts. Knowing which is right for you can leave you feeling confused so we’ve put some of the biggest brands to the test, using them on the doors in our homes to discover just which is the best smart lock for 2022.
The Nest x Yale lock is the best we've tested, although it only works with other Nest smart home products, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat and its range of home security cameras including Nest Cam Outdoor.

Simple to use, the Nest x Yale lock looks stylish and is available in Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Brass, so no matter what your style is, you should find something that fits.

It is easy to set up and features a keypad on the outside, so you punch in a code to enter your house, rather than insert a key. This is great if your keys are shoved way down in your pockets or purse. On test, we were impressed with the one-touch locking feature, that allows you to lock your door just by pressing the Yale logo. We also found the app clear and simple to use too
If you have a lot of house guests when you're not around, the Schalge Sense is the best smart lock for you, as the app can generate (and delete once they've been used) codes so your guests can access the property without a key.

Easy to install, the Schalge Senseorks with Apple's HomeKit, so you can control your lock using devices like an Apple TV, iPad or HomePod speaker through the HomeKit app. The lock also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to use just your voice to unlock and lock the device. However, it is on the bulky side.

We also found app is fiddly to use and you'll need patience to deal with dropped connections from time to time. The August Smart Lock Pro is one of the most discreet smart locks on the market, in fact, from the outside, you would never know it's there.

On test, we found the smart lock would automatically unlock when we were 20-30 feet from our door, granting us easy, keyless access, although you can still use your existing keys if you'd prefer.

You will need a Wi-Fi bridge in order to unlock the full potential of the August Smart Lock Pro, but the August Connect bridge is included when you purchase the lock. It's also an expensive smart lock compared to the rest of the market, but we think it's worth the investment.
The Kwikset Obsidian is a great-looking smart lock. It hugs tight against the door for a low profile, and has a glassy sheen that adds a touch of elegance to any door. It's completely keyless, with only a touchscreen for entering access codes. You can create up to 16 logins for family and friends.

The lock also includes a patented Kwikset safety feature called SecureScreen that basically prevents someone from seeing where you've touched the screen to input your code (it generates random digits that you have to press before entering your actual entry code).

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