Rocket League’s arrival on the Epic Games Store

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Rocket League’s arrival on the Epic Games Store and subsequent loose-to-play debut across all platforms has formally kicked off, and Psyonix and Epic Games are celebrating theRocket League Items  partnership with a brand new occasion for both of their marquee games. The new Llama-Rama occasion will be dropping next week and with it comes all types of beauty unlocks for both games, inclusive of a Fortnite Battle Bus unlock for Rocket League.

Psyonix and Epic Games announced the Llama-Rama event at the Rocket League internet site on September 22, 2020. Kicking off on September 26 and walking through October 12, gamers could be in a position to participate in a number of Rocket League challenges so as to earn them unfastened rewards in each Rocket League and Fortnite. A wide variety of cool cosmetics are up for grabs, which include a Fortnite Llama topper in your cars in Rocket League and Holodata drop contrail in Fortnite, but the celebrity of the unlocks by way of far is Fortnite Battle Bus vehicle frame for Rocket League. There doesn’t seem to be any exclusion for the unlocks through platform.

The Llama-Rama occasion celebrates Rocket League’s arrival on the Epic Games Store on September 23, 2020, in addition to the sport going free-to-play across all systems with a brand new Season 1 Rocket Pass to boot. Though masses of rewards are to be had through top rate tracks in the Rocket Pass as usually, the Llama-Rama occasion appears to be an altogether unfastened, no-purchase-vital manner of thanking supporters as Rocket League makes its transition to Epic and unfastened-to-play repute. Fortnite fan Rocket League Items Shop or now not, the Battle Bus has lengthy been an iconic part of Epic’s star sport. It only makes sense that now we’d be able to pressure it around and get our rocket football moving into Rocket League.

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