1'' 4-Bolt Flange Mounted Bearings UCF205-16

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asked Dec 24, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Yg0lznr1 (380 points)
GJP 1" 4-Bolt Flange Mounted Bearings UCF205-16, this flange-mount ball bearing unit has four round bolt hole in each side of square flange, its like the four ear equally spaced on four angle, and in the middle of this square, there is one round ball bearing with longer inner ring insert into the housing, the bearing was locked by set screw to the shaft and locked by anti-rotation stop pin to the housing, the housing is made by GJP into the square shape by filling the iron water into the housing-made mold, the iron water is more than 1000 degree centigrade, meanwhile, GJP paint with all of our housings at the electric static spraying equipment systems with around 180 degree centigrade, and paint at last into different color according to customer’s color code. https://www.bearingfamily.com/mounted-bearing-unit/4-bolt-flange-bearing/1-4-bolt-flange-mounted-bearings-ucf205-16.html

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