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Hydromax is a state of the art male enhancement device dedicated to complete penile health including penile enlargement, an area in which it happens to be one of the leaders in the industry! The revolutionary design of all Hydromax products is what makes them unique!

While these penis pumps products which operated on “air based” suction gave long lasting lengthening results to a lot of people, the results were magnified when they launched their new generation of “water based” suction pumps ie. The hydromax pump. This is because of the increase in suction power in this new product.

But that is not all! The Hydromax has been tested to help you in male impotence and erection problems, premature ejaculation and a lot more. It could possibly even help with Peyronies disease, Aspen Clincal Research.

It actually helps in a full comprehensive exercise routine for the penis (as corny as that sounds).

A lot of people using the bathmate hydro pump have documented good stamina permitting them to even go for 1 hour and beyond while keeping rock solid erection strength.

All Hydromax products are designed by engineers who specialize in the area of the mechanics of vacuum suction, and therefore every product in the Hydromax line garners amazing results.

Traditional air pumps are a thing of the past when it comes to durability and results, while newly designed Bathmate pumps are most certainly the future!

The use of water in the line of Hydromax products is what puts them ahead of the rest, the partial vacuum created around the penis by the water paired with the knowledge of pneumatics (air) and hydraulics (water) is what has led the Bathmate engineers to this revolutionary discovery in the area of penile health and enhancement!

Some Types of Hydromax Pumps

  • Hydro7 Red, Clear, Blue
  • Hydromax5, Hydromax7, Hydromax7 Wide Boy, Hydromax5
  • HydroXtreme5, HydroXtreme7, HydroXtreme9 Clear, HydroXtreme11 Red, Clear, Blue

Choose the right pump size for your penis, first measure the length of your penis during an erection, then convert it to the pump, because the size of the pump that is too large or small will affect the pumping and the final result. If you have a penis size of 5inches you should use the hydromax5 pump type, read more about the size of the pump on the official website. Use enough 15 minutes per day to get immediate results, but if you want to get a permanent penis size then use it regularly 2-3 months, believe the process will not betray results.

Can Water Really Make a Difference?

While both air and water have been proven to help with penile enhancement, water has some additional advantages. With traditional air pumps, the penis can expand at uneven rates, and even create a bulging or bending of the penis. Because the water in the tube is incompressible it offers a more solid cushion around the penis than air, which gives way to an even expansion without risk of bending or bulging.

As described above the brand new innovative HydromaxPump uses the spectacular potential of water to pull blood into the penis, thereby increasing your corpas covenosas (blood chambers) which leads to a permanently thicker, longer penis and rock hard erections.

What are you waiting for, buy now the bathmate hydromax pump and feel the benefits in just a matter of days or even minutes.

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