Potato Peeling Machine 15kg

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Potato Peeling Machine 15kg

When you work with large portions of carrots or potatoes, peeling them can be a very time-consuming task. Peeling by hand is often inefficient because you lose more of the vegetable. With this professional peeling machine, potatoes are quickly and professionally cleaned and peeled, saving you time. The machine has a durable peeling plate with a structure designed to scour the vegetables. Water enters the peeling machine through the water connection and because the potatoes are constantly moving, they are peeled evenly. A maximum of 15kg potatoes can be placed in the peeling machine at the same time and after a three minute cycle, these are ready. Up to 300kg of peeled potatoes are produced every hour.Get more news about peeling machine,you can vist our website!

Washing and peeling potatoes with this machine is very easy. Fill the drum to a maximum of 15kg. You can see this at the place where the sanding wall on the inside turns into smooth material. Put the lid on and fasten the safety catches. Turn on the water supply and press the on button. As soon as the cycle is over, remove the peeled vegetables from the machine. If you add cut cubes to the peeler, they come out with a rounded shape, which is handy for when you want to serve baby carrots or Parisian potatoes.

Because the exterior, bowl and the legs are finished with stainless steel, they are easy to clean. Always switch off the machine first and unplug it from the wall socket. To clean the outside, use a soft, damp cloth. The peeling plate, which is located at the bottom of the appliance, is easy to remove. It is advised to clean the plate by hand to avoid wear and tear. At the bottom of the peeler is a waste container that can be emptied and cleaned after each use. Allow everything to dry thoroughly after cleaning. The potato peeler stands on four rubber feet so that it stays in place during use.

We have our own technical service. In the unfortunate case that there is a problem with your peeling machine, you can contact us. We will make sure you can continue using our Maxima kitchen appliances as fast as possible. To serve you even better we also have a showroom. In here you will have the opportunity to inspect our Maxima peeling machines extensively. All our other appliances can also be found in our showroom and our staff will be ready to advise you. So feel free to drop by!

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