Heavy Duty Conveyor Impact Bed

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asked Dec 9, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_dhvZ9lRX (220 points)
An impact bed is configured at the falling point under the belt conveyor guiding chute to reduce the impact of the feeding point and prevent the belt from tearing.
1. The impact bar is vulcanized and made of UHMWPE plate, natural rubber and aluminum alloy with great stability and reliability;
2. The surface material of the impact bar adopted UHMW-PE material, with smooth surface and high wear resistance, which can reduce the friction resistance and prolong the service life. The middle layer of the impact bar adopted high elastic rubber, which can effectively reduce the material impact to the belt, and protect the belt well;
3. Both sides of the impact bed are separable and foldable, which is convenient for future maintenance, saves manpower and reduces maintenance costs;
4. The SXBMD-B double-layer anti-spillage rubber skirt board on both sides of the impact bed can further prevent dust spillage and avoid dust pollution. https://www.bumtresdconveyor.com/conveyor-impact-bed/heavy-duty-impact-bed.html

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