What's your favorite anime?

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asked Nov 28, 2021 in H&E by levbigboss (160 points)

What's your favorite anime? Naruto is pretty fire, ngl

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answered Nov 28, 2021 by MelkiyNekit (180 points)

I really liked the Avatar leganda about Ang. Very interesting, colorful and beautiful cartoon. I first found out about the existence of this anime from my friend. The plot is dynamic, there are almost no "sleeping" boring moments, the anime keeps you in pleasant tension and waiting to see what happens next. The characters have beautiful hanfu. Watching the cartoon. you can get different knowledge, see the range of different ideas and opportunities to implement their plans, the game and the struggle not for life but for death between good and evil, not only in the world, but also in the souls of the characters.

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answered Nov 28, 2021 by Nandroid (160 points)
Oh, I think I have too man favorites to name just one.  My favorite series is The Last Airbender.
My favorite last movie is Your Name.
But I also loved Princess Mononoke, Wandering Witch and, sorry to say, Chobits.
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