The belt pulley plays an important role in Raymond mill

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asked Nov 24, 2021 in Electron Microscopy by littlestar (640 points)

Raymond mill is a familiar pulverizing and processing equipment. There are many important parts in Raymond mill, of which the pulley is one of the important parts. We have little understanding of the pulley of Raymond mill. The belt pulley plays a very important conduction role in the whole operation link of Raymond mill.

What effect does the size of belt pulley of Raymond mill have on the whole operation of Raymond mill? If you need to adjust its size under the basic size parameters, how to adjust it is a very important problem.

In particular, the matching between the motor of the fan and the two pulleys on the bearing box, because the speed between them is directly related to the output of the whole system of Raymond mill. Of course, the motor pulley of the host is also related to the output.

If the wheel of the main engine is also adjusted, the faster the speed is, the output will increase accordingly, but this cannot be adjusted too fast. If it is too fast, it may cause damage to the main engine. Therefore, it must be adjusted to an appropriate degree.

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