auto maintenance

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asked Nov 12, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by coreseo (360 points)

The only place I get work done on my vehicle(s)! This is my go-to guy for sure. From a rebuilt transmission, front axle, to regular maintenance like brakes/rotors etc.
 Felix has got you covered! Great communication, if you ever have a question about something with your vehicle you can feel comfortable enough to ask 
without having the feeling the question you ask is gonna come with $50- 100 service to find the answer to your question. Also when you get work done 
here it gets done in the time he tells you its gonna get done. Remember I got my transmission rebuilt here and even then the job was completed when 
I was told, my vehicle wasnt held hostage like other places I've been. Best of all the prices are always affordable! Will continue to get work done here 
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