The biggest change in Rocket League‘s trendy hotfix isn’t a restore in any respect

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asked Oct 30, 2021 in H&E by lymsjgje88 (7,720 points)

The biggest change in Rocket League‘s trendy hotfix isn’t a restore in any respect. DeveloperRocket League Trading  Psyonix implemented a mandatory Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on all participant-to-participant trades. The business enterprise is pushing the degree as it “allows to make certain that simplest you could get admission to your account and stock。” 

The degree provides every other layer of security to trading inside the sport, but additionally forces customers to take some vital steps in the event that they want to make transactions with their friends—consisting of an improve from a platform account.

Rocket League‘s pass to a free–to-play version centered the game on the Epic Games Store and compelled all gamers to create an Epic Games account to play, although they have been on Steam. At the time, players had the selection to link their Steam to an current Epic Games account or to create a “shell” account with out an e-mail or password.

With the contemporary hotfix, however, players who want to trade with their friends will should improve their shell accounts to a full-fledged Epic Games setup, whole with an e-mail and password, to be able to enable 2FA. Psyonix’s Devin Connors confirmed the RL Trading upgrade is obligatory.

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