NBA 2K's terms of service restricts the use of the service

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asked Oct 22, 2021 in H&E by bertramuzi (1,460 points)

A blatant and irritating advertising campaign of goods - 2K Sports earn a lot through sponsorship agreements with companies like Gatorade or Beats NBA 2K22 MT. In some ways it is true that the experience of playing the game is enhanced through the presence of actual companies. However, these commercials have been very irritating over the past couple of years.

NBA 2K20 is an excellent instance of corporate influence diluting product. These corporations were able to make advertising spots at the game, which was something you should not miss. Gatorade, Beats and other businesses were prominently advertised throughout the game. The advertisements grew tired quickly. I am not averse to being a passive advertiser in the Neighbourhood, but I strongly oppose the push of products on the user. These cutscenesand spots and commercials need to be taken out from NBA 2K21.

MyCareer Free Agency Once you have reached a certain stage in MyCareer it's possible for you to influence your agency's decisions. The MyPlayer is able to select five open agency targets that the front office can be working towards. It is a new element and is a reward for the work of MyCareer.

However, the free-agent period does not make sense. It's not explained why the five chosen players will join your team during free agency. The salary cap does not have any bearing on the selections. In my latest save Jayson Tatum, Brandon Ingram, and Anthony Davis all joined the Cleveland Cavaliers on maximum contracts Buy NBA 2K MT Coins. It was unbelievable and made it easy to save for my second season in Cleveland.

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