Understand the trademark of stainless steel wire mesh

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When buying stainless steel wire mesh, trademarks are involved, and manufacturers need to use trademarks in production. How to get the trademark how to get it. What is the classification of stainless steel wire mesh trademarks?To get more news about Hail netting for gardens Acting, you can visit dtwiremesh.com official website.

Stainless steel wire mesh materials are also commonly used in a wide range of mesh materials. Can be applied to a variety of industries such as chemical, petroleum, and aerospace.

Common stainless steel wire mesh products are classified as:
1. Plain-grain stainless steel mesh: The most common method of preparation is widely used in industrial production and civil life. The main feature is that the warp and weft wire diameters are the same.

2, stainless steel square mesh material: galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire and so on. Features: precise structure, uniform mesh, good corrosion resistance, durable. Widely used in industry and construction, screening sand, filtering liquids and gases. It can also be used for the safety protection of mechanical accessories, etc., and it can also be used to make walls and ceilings instead of wooden strips.
3, stainless steel mat mesh / dense mesh material: stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire, nickel wire, copper wire, polyester wire, etc. Weaving: plain weave, twill weave, bamboo weave, contrast weave. Features: good filtering accuracy, high contrast load. Uses: Used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical, scientific research and transportation industries, and can also produce lunch box nets, coal washing nets, etc.

The stainless steel wire mesh trademark registration is a trademark registration of the 06th class [0605] group, merchant or manufacturer to obtain the trademark. You can choose to register your trademark. Trademark registration can be registered by the Trademark Office, and the individual can register with the Trademark Office. A trademark can only be used for 300 yuan. There is also a way to transfer trademarks. At present, there are many high-quality trademarks on the Zhifuzi platform that are in the state of sale. You can rest assured to buy.

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