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Great Sleep Hygiene is organic sleep treatment which uses natural techniques to attain better quality sleep. After a diagnosis of sleep apnea is made with the sleep study called Diagnostic polysomnography andif supported patient needs education concerning the CPAP or BIPAP machine, the life style change, weight loss in most patients is desired as they can be heavy, and a few may need oxygen if they have been hypoxic or have low level of oxygen during the night.

For example, in the event you consistently go to sleep around 11 pm on the weekdays, try to maintain that same time frame on the weekends. Going to sleep late on the weekends can make a disruption in your body's internal sleep cycle, so be consistent about your bedtimes. Even in case you missed out on a couple of hours of sleep the night before, resist the urge to sleep in. The following night, you will have a heightened sleep drive, which could assist you to fall asleep easier.

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